Book 3 Cover


We tried hiding. We tried to fight him off, but it did no good, he always managed to find us, and every time he would, a few of us would disappear---as in forever. The team is broken and the world was slowly dying. Countries readied their nuclear weapons as terror spread across the globe; it wouldn’t be long until every life on the American Eastern Seaboard would be in mortal peril. The coastal states were already destroyed and the last chance our planet had for survival was fading---the Earth’s heroes were failing. So, the time to act is now! Before it is too late...

2 Weeks Before…

Book Three Edit

Chapter Fourteen: Dear Diary

Chapter Fifteen: A New Epic

Chapter Sixteen: The Fight Before Doomsday

Chapter Seventeen: The End

Chapter Eighteen: The Christmas to be Continued

Chapter Nineteen: Detonation (Part One)