Fanon Anil and Winry

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18 year old Rinry living in modern day Chicago soon learns about her mysterious foster father's hidden identity and her own title as this formally extinct thing called an "Avatar". With the help of a monk named, Anil, Rinry might just learn how to become this Avatar, save the world from the anti bending elite known as the "Hunters", and still make it back to America in time for her Kung Fu class.

This is Fanon that currently contains 3 chapters, and is fairly new.

There are illustrations for this fanon.

Running Date: December 2012 (official 4/12/13)-Pending

Status: ACTIVE

Origin: Avatar Wiki

Rated: NR (Haven't decided if it is G or PG-13 yet)

This is the second Fanon that I ever uploaded onto a wiki.


  • Rinry Hong
  • Sensei Hong
  • Lilly Hong
  • Anil
  • Wallace Jones
  • Nurse Betty
  • Champo
  • Rabten
  • Cort Conners